Sow What…..and other ramblings.

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songs….and their lyrics.

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I was driving home from work and singing word for word as Suzanne Vega’s “Marlene on the Wall” played on the radio when it hit me. I don’t know all of the words to ANY contemporary songs. It was a badge of honor in the 80’s when my roommate and I put a quarter in the jukebox and sang along with eight and a half minutes of “American Pie.” In my college years I knew every word of most of my favorite songs. In that era, radio offered only top hits and if you spent your hard-earned money on a $15 CD, you listened to it until you knew most every line. Music was a big part of my world. You could even tell what mood I was in by what music I was playing.  Now, in a world of Sirius radio and endless selections on Spotify, I feel really hip just to shout out an appropriately timed “Hey”….”Ho“, or sing along with the chorus of Fun’s “We Are Young“. Music is still a very important part of my life, but like everything else in this time of the internet and instant gratification, we are given such a large selection that we never have to become familiar with anything before moving on.


Author: photogal99

Gardening, bargain hunting, cat-loving girl who is obessessed with social media and the beach.

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