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The Birds and the Bees

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The Birds and the Bees

I read today that a male wren may begin building up to twelve potential nesting sites. He then takes the lady wren real estate shopping, and she picks the location to finish their nest. I feel honored. So far, they seem to like my wreath. Both birds made trips to the site all day, bringing twigs and leaves. Hoping to have a perfect view of babies this year. On a less pleasant note, the carpenter bees have returned.


Author: photogal99

Gardening, bargain hunting, cat-loving girl who is obessessed with social media and the beach.

One thought on “The Birds and the Bees

  1. This is where we get into conspiracy theory! The wrens hire the woodpeckers to peck holes in places where they are not always wanted. The wrens move in, have babies, it gets real loud, and then they all move out alerting the squirrels that the apartments are vacant and ready for them.


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