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A bonus day in the garden.

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A bonus day in the garden.

It was supposed to rain all day, but the best kind of surprise happened. The sun came out. After losing last weekend in the garden to rain, it was nice to get some dirt under my nails. I staked the tomatoes, which are all covered with flowers. I added some marigolds around the edges of the raised beds. I recently read that there is no evidence that they keep away bugs but the only year I didn’t plant any I had disgusting tomato fruitworms, and my goal is to never see another worm face peaking out of an otherwise perfectly good tomato. Plus, I think marigolds are pretty. I also got up some twine and stakes for the beans and sugar snap peas.

While sprucing up the herb garden with some new mulch I realized that I didn’t know the difference between oregano and marjoram. After some searching I decided this is oregano. I seem to have lots of it, so I need to try some new recipes.


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One thought on “A bonus day in the garden.

  1. sounds like you are really good at gardening. I have always loved to garden but age has taken away some of the things I like to do, plus a damaged kneecap does not help too much either. My tyme, oregano, sage and a little parsley weathered over this mild winter. I love to cook with herbs. I will enjoy watching your garden grow from Knoxville!!!!!. Love keeping up with you and your family. My best, Jackie


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