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a colorful break in a soggy week


a break in a soggy week

It has rained all week and the tomato plants are turning yellow and spotted. I doubt they will make much of a recovery, so I guess the raccoons will have to forage elsewhere. The flood watches and warnings crawl across the television screen every night. People have been cranky and the birds have been soggy. We finally got a short reprieve from the rain this evening and the birds flocked to the feeder, obviously happy to be dry for a few minutes. It was a real show for a while, and all I had available was the point and shoot camera, but I shot what I could. As I type, I can hear the rain coming down…..again.


Author: photogal99

Gardening, bargain hunting, cat-loving girl who is obessessed with social media and the beach.

2 thoughts on “a colorful break in a soggy week

  1. Beautiful birds–wish we had some of those little dark ones with the red (underneath the hummer).

    love, mama Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 02:46:56 +0000 To:


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