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totally distracted……

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fig2totally distracted......

I took the camera out to take pictures of figs and got carried away instead with the setting sun through the lamp. But the news is, we have figs! We got a tiny fig tree last year at the Crabtree Farms plant sale and I never imagined it would produce fruit so quickly, but it has. Hoping they stay on the tree long enough to mature. I’m not really even sure that we like figs, but if we don’t, we will learn to like them!

Yesterday I cut all of the dead and dying parts off of the tomatoes after all of the rain caused so much damage and rot. They are still trying to produce, so I threw some fertilizer on and will hope for the best. The beans and squash are doing great, and I think I have enough basil to make pesto for an army.


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One thought on “totally distracted……

  1. Love the lamp! We used to have a fig tree, but by the second or third year it didn’t get enough sun–it slowly went away.

    Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 02:14:50 +0000 To:


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