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Public Enemy #1

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Public Enemy #1

I think he’s cute. That’s what I keep telling my man, but he doesn’t buy it. To him, this little varmint is stealing what isn’t his. The cyclinder full of tasty treats hung in the same place for over a year before the squirrels decided that the seed on the ground wasn’t enough for them. They have recently figured out several ways to get onto the feeder. In a never-ending search to prove that we are smarter than squirrels, we are moving to more drastic measures: the Squirrel Buster Plus. The feeder ports close when the squirrel tries to gain access. I’m hoping that it arrives tomorrow!


Author: photogal99

Gardening, bargain hunting, cat-loving girl who is obessessed with social media and the beach.

One thought on “Public Enemy #1

  1. He is so cute and agile! You should see my raccoon who comes in the middle of the afternoon and eats the bird’s suet cake. He goes back to his tree and back to sleep until dark and then he comes back with his sibling!

    JUDI Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 01:33:40 +0000 To:


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