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Here today, gone tomorrow.

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Here today, gone tomorrow.

One of the many things I always say I am going to photograph, but rarely ever really do, is the fall leaves. We did some yard work today, and I took some time to snap a few shots before the leaves fall off of the trees.

I love the colors of fall, but they are short-lived.

The basil is dying, a few green tomatoes that won’t ripen remain on the vine, and the hummingbirds are gone. Mostly, I miss the hummingbirds.

We have a weeping cherry that is close to the feeder. Our dominant female spent a large portion of her summer sitting on the arched branch, guarding her food. Every time I look out the window and see movement, I think it is her, and then I remember that she is gone. I’m sure she is kicked back in Mexico by now, hopefully with a flower cocktail nearby.

We were good to her this year, so I know she will be back.


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