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Where’s my Mommy?

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Where's my Mommy?

I discovered a nest containing four eggs in my fern basket before leaving for the beach, so I was looking forward to checking things out when we got back. It is really hard to get a shot inside the basket, but there are now four somewhat funny-looking baby house finches inside. They are all beak and fuzz.

While checking out the garden, we noticed moss overflowing out of the bottom of the bluebird box, so we are guessing that it contains chickadees, because my pal Google tells me that chickadees sometimes nest in bluebird boxes and build with lots of moss. The bluebirds chose, instead of the fancy box built specifically for their kind, a rickety old birdhouse on a pole that was here when we moved in. The pole was about to fall over, but we knew that they used it last year, so we found a way to anchor it. Today we saw the male bluebird at the entrance, so I’m glad we made it work.

The garden is doing well. Today’s harvest was three peppers and a patio tomato. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make us happy!