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I’ve been crafty

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I decided that I wanted to have a beach-themed Christmas tree this year, so I’ve been busy making ornaments. After spending weeks pouring through Pinterest posts for inspiration, these are the fruits of my labor. This will be my first Christmas living in this house after spending¬†22 years in my old North Chattanooga home. I have always had a real tree, which I love, but it was messy enough with hardwood floors. This house has carpet, so we will have fake trees. We will put one in the large picture window and the other will be the beach tree in the living room. I probably already had enough ornaments for three or four trees. I have a weakness for all things Christmas, and can usually be found in the clearance aisle the day after Christmas picking up more ornaments that I don’t need.

Here’s the “how to” portion for anyone who is feeling crafty.

Cookie cutter ornaments:
I got most of my cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Company. I used Activ Clay from Hobby Lobby, and rolled it to about 1/8″ thickness. I also used Makin’s Clay Texture Sheets to add texture to the ornaments. I used a toothpick to make a small hole for hanging. I placed them all on a cookie cooling rack to dry for two days and then used craft paint, glitter and jewels to decorate them. I finished them up with a coat of gloss glaze, linked here, but less than $2 at Michaels.

Glitter ornaments:
These are so much fun to make, and super easy too. I made round ones last year. I found these at Hobby Lobby. This is the Pinterest link that I used.

Painted glass balls:
These are kind of tricky, and hit or miss on success rate for me. Pretty much, you put craft paint into the balls and move the balls around until the paint covers the inside. I carefully coaxed some paint into blank areas with canned air. After my paint dried, it left some blank spots on the glass, but I added more and it filled in fine. I used this Pinterest link.

Decorated shells:
These are pretty self-explanatory, but I glued pendant holders from Hobby Lobby and earring wires to the shells and embellished with beads that I already had.

Shells in glass:
Well, they are shells in glass. Tiny shells plus glass ball. Sand is optional. I couldn’t decide whether I liked them better with sand or without.