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The Third Day of Spring / My First Anniversary

It has been a year since I exchanged vows with the man I love in front of family and friends. I was beyond nervous. We didn’t rehearse, and had only halfway planned the way things would go when it came time for me and my girls to come out and join the men folk. The thought of saying vows and being the center of attention was not something I relished. I didn’t trip and fall, I repeated my vows correctly, and I didn’t spill anything on my dress. Yes, it was a successful and happy wedding day.

We just got back from celebrating our first anniversary at Mountain Harbor Inn, in Dandridge, Tennessee. We stayed in the Forever Yours suite, which for some reason, I couldn’t remember, so I spent the weekend calling it the Yours Truly suite. They provided a breakfast buffet in mornings, but the really special thing was the desserts. Those desserts about wrecked months of just recently successful dieting.

Dandridge, Tennessee Mountain Harbor Inn First Anniversary, March 20-22, 2015

While there, we visited the Bush’s Baked Beans visitor center. The museum relays the history of the Bush canning business. Douglas Dam was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1942-43 to create power and control flooding downstream, and the lake is a big part of the area. According to the video we watched at the center, the original Bush family farm was flooded by the creation of the reservoir.

Back at the inn, we got to go on a pontoon boat tour of the lake. The lake levels are controlled by TVA, and were way down from summer levels. It is a beautiful place, and we hope to go back another time when the levels are up.

Dandridge, Tennessee Mountain Harbor Inn First Anniversary, March 20-22, 2015

We got back home just as the rain started, but we managed to quickly plant our new azalea bush before it got too wet. I spent the next hour painting concrete stepping stones, which you will probably see here later, and picking daffodils. Many of them are growing so far from the house that we can’t enjoy them outside, so I brought some in. The only problem with that is Simon. Simon is a seven-year-old orange and white indoor cat who doesn’t always know what is food and what isn’t. To him, flowers are food. Twigs are food. Paper is food. Because of Simon, I know that if a cat eats a daylily, it costs $900 at the emergency clinic to save him from probably kidney failure.

Because of Simon, the flowers are now safely behind a glass cabinet door.

Dandridge, TennesseeMountain Harbor InnFirst Anniversary, March 20-22, 2015