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Adventure drinking?

finchWe have two bird baths, but I have never seen a bird near either of them, although both are refilled regularly. In the last few weeks, since large black ants invaded the hummingbird feeder and forced us to add an ant guard, we have seen several birds light for a drink. The hummingbird is not happy with this arrangement.

finchtailtitmouse titmouse tail


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If I Stay Really, Really still……You Can’t See Me!

Well, I guess I know who has been eating my echinacea and gazania leaves, and creating a few other holes in garden plants. I spotted him out the window today and figured he would be long gone before I could get my camera and go outside. I managed to get pretty close because instead of hopping away at first, he froze–trying to become invisible, I suppose.

bunny1Tonight he was just munching on weeds. He can have all of the violets and clover that he pleases, but I was more than a bit annoyed when I discovered that the gazanias that I planted in the herb garden to add some color had been mowed to the ground. I plan on making a rabbit-deterring concoction this weekend to spray on the good plants that he finds so tasty.

So far, the tomatoes and peppers are looking good, and yet untouched by rabbits. Hopefully, they will stay that way. All of the garden is looking great.

We have been enjoying some good bird watching too. The hummingbirds are hit or miss. We have seen them, and then they disappear. I read that they often are absent in May because they are feeding insects to their babies, so I am hoping to see more of them later this month.

We have had plenty of colorful birds on the feeder lately. We even had an indigo bunting for a while, but he moved on. The towhee and American goldfinch have been frequent visitors, along with the other regulars. I tried to peek into the bird house tonight to see if the wrens had babies yet, but I couldn’t see. Unfortunately, I discovered that the other bird houses contains bees. I will be staying away from that one! Towheefinch3

Public Enemy #1

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Public Enemy #1

I think he’s cute. That’s what I keep telling my man, but he doesn’t buy it. To him, this little varmint is stealing what isn’t his. The cyclinder full of tasty treats hung in the same place for over a year before the squirrels decided that the seed on the ground wasn’t enough for them. They have recently figured out several ways to get onto the feeder. In a never-ending search to prove that we are smarter than squirrels, we are moving to more drastic measures: the Squirrel Buster Plus. The feeder ports close when the squirrel tries to gain access. I’m hoping that it arrives tomorrow!

a colorful break in a soggy week


a break in a soggy week

It has rained all week and the tomato plants are turning yellow and spotted. I doubt they will make much of a recovery, so I guess the raccoons will have to forage elsewhere. The flood watches and warnings crawl across the television screen every night. People have been cranky and the birds have been soggy. We finally got a short reprieve from the rain this evening and the birds flocked to the feeder, obviously happy to be dry for a few minutes. It was a real show for a while, and all I had available was the point and shoot camera, but I shot what I could. As I type, I can hear the rain coming down…..again.