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I kept seeing the ads for Plated on Facebook, so I decided to try the $20 intro deal. The two meals I chose were Peanut Tahini Noodles with Baked Sesame Tofu and Butter Basted Steak with Hassleback Potatoes. Both were excellent, but at the regular price, it is cost-prohibitive. These meals come with pretty much everything you need except salt, pepper and olive oil. The recipes were easy to understand, and not too time-consuming. Neither of us had ever cooked with tofu before, but we plan to try it again soon because it was so easy. The Plated recipes made me get out of my cooking comfort zone and be a little more adventurous. I would love to be able to receive more of the meals, but the regular price is $12 per meal, so I will have to stick to Pinterest for my next inspirations.

It has rained a lot in the last couple of weeks. The tomato leaves are yellow and spotty again. Hoping it won’t be a repeat of last year when we lost all of the tomatoes to rain and raccoons. The peppers are doing great, and the squash plants are doing pretty well too. Tomorrow I am going to try a Pinterest recipe to use the squash that I bought at the market this weekend. If it turns out well, I will share.


Where’s my Mommy?

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Where's my Mommy?

I discovered a nest containing four eggs in my fern basket before leaving for the beach, so I was looking forward to checking things out when we got back. It is really hard to get a shot inside the basket, but there are now four somewhat funny-looking baby house finches inside. They are all beak and fuzz.

While checking out the garden, we noticed moss overflowing out of the bottom of the bluebird box, so we are guessing that it contains chickadees, because my pal Google tells me that chickadees sometimes nest in bluebird boxes and build with lots of moss. The bluebirds chose, instead of the fancy box built specifically for their kind, a rickety old birdhouse on a pole that was here when we moved in. The pole was about to fall over, but we knew that they used it last year, so we found a way to anchor it. Today we saw the male bluebird at the entrance, so I’m glad we made it work.

The garden is doing well. Today’s harvest was three peppers and a patio tomato. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make us happy!

Return to the garden.

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Return to the garden.

I haven’t been here in a while. I got married. I moved. I relocated my two cats to the new home. There was lots of stress and no blogging. I’m back, and the wisteria is blooming. The sweet smell is accompanied by the buzzing of bees.

We got the vegetable garden planted this weekend. Seven tomato plants, two squash, some green beans, and so far, only two pepper plants. There will be more pepper plants. We don’t always make good use of the peppers, but it is kind of like a sport for me. The more varieties, the better, and I throw down the challenge to myself every year to use the peppers. Maybe this will be the year. Yes, I know it will.

I made something!

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I made something!

A friend recently hosted a party to make paper trees. Everyone else made trees like the one on the right, and I made the one on the left. I was so jealous of their trees, that I decided to make my own. This was a very cheap and easy project, and it gave me an excuse to get out the glitter. All things are better with glitter. I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, and threw in some wrapping paper and a little burlap for variety. You can find a tutorial for the tree on the right here:

Here today, gone tomorrow.

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Here today, gone tomorrow.

One of the many things I always say I am going to photograph, but rarely ever really do, is the fall leaves. We did some yard work today, and I took some time to snap a few shots before the leaves fall off of the trees.

I love the colors of fall, but they are short-lived.

The basil is dying, a few green tomatoes that won’t ripen remain on the vine, and the hummingbirds are gone. Mostly, I miss the hummingbirds.

We have a weeping cherry that is close to the feeder. Our dominant female spent a large portion of her summer sitting on the arched branch, guarding her food. Every time I look out the window and see movement, I think it is her, and then I remember that she is gone. I’m sure she is kicked back in Mexico by now, hopefully with a flower cocktail nearby.

We were good to her this year, so I know she will be back.

Newsflash! We like figs.

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Newsflash! We like figs.

We never expected to have fruit the year after planting the fig tree, but there are several figs on it. Most of them are still small and green and I have no idea if they will mature or not. I noticed this one was looking ready, so I made sure to go out and check the plant. Some creature beat me to the first one. They had already eaten half of it. This one was waiting for me. And, the verdict is in–we like figs!

What’s for dinner?

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What's for dinner?

Usually, when I see a writing spider (Argiope aurantia), I think of Wilbur.

Three days ago, when I accidently walked through a spider web and ended up with what was probably this very spider stuck on my leg, I did not think of Wilbur.

I screamed. Loudly. I shook the little guy loose and tried to gather my composure and hoped the neighbors hadn’t heard.

Today the spider made a wiser choice of web placement, and is no longer between my car and my back door. He or she will have a much longer writing career in this location.