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Adventure drinking?

finchWe have two bird baths, but I have never seen a bird near either of them, although both are refilled regularly. In the last few weeks, since large black ants invaded the hummingbird feeder and forced us to add an ant guard, we have seen several birds light for a drink. The hummingbird is not happy with this arrangement.

finchtailtitmouse titmouse tail


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Dirt Under Fingernails

We had a productive weekend filled with weeding, planting, trimming and brush removal. Hopefully we managed to avoid the poison ivy.

I planted all of the native plants that I got at the Reflection Riding Arboretum in the backyard in what the real estate listing for this house referred to as a butterfly garden. In reality, it was a large garden area that hadn’t been maintained in quite some time, but it contained a lot of butterfly bushes. I trimmed them way back this year, and have been slowly adding natives back into the area.

I planted several perennial varieties that I am hoping will spread over the next few years, and I also planted some butterfly weed, parsley, dill and fennel from seed to be host plants. So, hopefully, I will have tons of butterflies when all of the plants start flowering. So far, I have only seen one Tiger Swallowtail. We are also anxiously watching for our hummingbirds to return. They are in our area now, but not at our house yet.

The pink, red and white azaleas and wisteria all popped into full bloom this week, so of course, the bees are having a big time.

Spring in the garden. April 12, 2015 Spring in the garden. April 12, 2015

I followed the coolest dragonfly through the garden today and finally managed to get a photo. We usually don’t see many dragonflies in our yard. I also startled a rabbit, but only got a quick look at his fuzzy white behind as he hopped away. Three out of four of our birdhouses have nests, and I could barely see the eye and beak of what appears to be a little wren in one of them. I have no idea who the other nests belong to, but we are hoping for a spring full of babies.

Spring in the garden. April 12, 2015

Of course, the other favored wildlife around here includes the chipmunks. I know they dig way too many holes, but they make up for it by being so adorable. I need to buy some peanuts for them and make them really happy.

Spring in the garden. April 12, 2015 Spring in the garden. April 12, 2015

Until next time, happy gardening!

What’s for dinner?

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What's for dinner?

Usually, when I see a writing spider (Argiope aurantia), I think of Wilbur.

Three days ago, when I accidently walked through a spider web and ended up with what was probably this very spider stuck on my leg, I did not think of Wilbur.

I screamed. Loudly. I shook the little guy loose and tried to gather my composure and hoped the neighbors hadn’t heard.

Today the spider made a wiser choice of web placement, and is no longer between my car and my back door. He or she will have a much longer writing career in this location.